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מרכזים חינוכיים

Education Centers
In Partnership with Alumot Or

Since its inception, the organization has supported hundreds of students in special education in 15 educational centers throughout Israel, seven of which carry the name of the late Benjamin Rothman. A new agreement was recently signed with the Kiryat Shmona Municipality to establish an eighth Benjamin Rothman Educational Center.
In addition, there are seven “affiliated” schools of Alumot Or, which will implement the pedagogical and professional programs of the organization while not carrying the Benjamin Rothman name.

The education centers partnering with Alumot Or specialize in educating and caring for students facing the most complex challenges. Their team members continuously develop learning and therapy programs tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual student.

Alumot Or operates in collaboration with the teams in order to develop and provide advanced solutions that will accelerate all students’ development and success.

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