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At Alumot Or we believe that genuine excellence can only be achieved through deep synergy among all partners involved in educating our children. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the local and regional councils, the community and additional partners, we are in the midst of a process that will make our partnering schools a source of knowledge, excellence and leadership in the field of special education, and will thus create fertile ground for educational innovation and the implementation of excellence strategies in the schools, and other organizations.

Alumot Or operates in full partnership, with transparency and on the basis of a shared thinking process with all relevant entities. We believe that broad collaboration is the key to creating long-lasting leadership and empowerment in education.

  • The schools and youth villages: Alumot Or works alongside the team on an ongoing basis in order to meet the challenges, advance and empower the educational institution.

  • Governmental entities (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Affairs, the National Insurance Institute and other relevant partners): Alumot Or is a true partner to government entities, providing added value and ensuring the educational institutions’ continuity and growth.

  • Local authorities: Collaboration with the local authorities that are responsible for and operate the schools exists at every level – planning, operation, development, professional consulting and ongoing support – in order to provide the best service possible to the regions’ families.

  • Third-sector organizations: Alumot Or operates in collaboration with leading third-sector organizations in order to develop and disseminate the knowledge acquired, to help accelerate the advancement of other institutions and improve the lives of special needs students wherever they may be.

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