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Alumot Or
Accelerating Excellence in Special Education

Alumot Or

Alumot Or (Rays of Light) is an Israeli philanthropic social organization that promotes and implements excellence programs in special education schools by developing and implementing innovative programs and projects.

Our goal is to leverage, maximize and expand educational excellence within the school and beyond – in the present, and for the benefit of the children in the future.

Education Centers

Since its inception, the organization has supported hundreds of students in special education in 15 educational centers throughout the country, seven of which carry the name of the late Benjamin Rothman.
A new agreement was recently signed with the Kiryat Shmona Municipality to establish an eighth Benjamin Rothman Educational Center.

There are seven "affiliated" schools of Alumot Or, which implement the pedagogical and professional programs of the organization while not carrying the Benjamin Rothman name.
Future projects connected to our ongoing efforts are also in the works.

What we do

In order to accelerate the school’s development, we operate in two parallel rays

Promoting innovative programs in special education schools as part of the organization's activities, as well as developing innovative educational tools and sharing pedagogical knowledge with other professional educators.

Promoting excellence in special education in local communities by empowering students, school staff, and families. Alumot Or is proud to create and support a network of outstanding schools serving as example to schools in Israel and worldwide.

How we do it

Learning and gaining an in-depth understanding of the school’s needs, while mapping its aspirations and potential from the pedagogical and organizational perspectives

In a nutshell: Where we want to be

Planning the development process and achieving the objectives from structural and financial perspectives, creating acceleration engines and partnering with stakeholders

In a nutshell: How we’ll get there

Managing and executing the acceleration process in full partnership, and based on excellence and a proactive approach – until the goals are met

In a nutshell: Onwards!

Working Hand in Hand

Alumot Or operates in full partnership, with transparency and on the basis of a shared thinking process with the Ministry of Education, school teams, students’ families and the community. We believe that broad collaboration is the key to creating long-lasting leadership and empowerment in education.

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