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Benjamin Rothman Emek Yafe

Gilboa, North East

Benjamin Rothman Emek Yafe school is a leading education center for adolescents with behavioral issues and learning disabilities. The school, which is located in the Gilboa Region, was established 30 years ago. It follows a unique communal therapy approach, placing emphasis on working with the family and all the entities involved with the student. The school promotes academic and personal achievement and it develops innovative and proven solutions that are adapted to meet each student’s needs. The school serves 110 students from local and regional councils throughout Israel’s northern region.


The innovative workshop building includes a variety of therapy and education workshops, and allows the team to expand each student’s individual learning and therapy program.

A game therapy workshop in which a new knowledge domain is being developed, provides the team with an additional therapeutic tool for individual and group activity aimed at building and reinforcing normative social abilities and behavior.

A social cell phone repair business in which the students acquire a profession as cell phone technicians, and even provide services to the nearby community. The workshop allows the students to gain knowledge in a domain and skill that interest them, offers a positive experience of the labor market, and can even help them after they graduate.

The gym is well-equipped, and is a central component of the students’ learning and therapy program, as it helps improve their focus and social skills.

The movement therapy studio is used for personal and group therapy, as a component of each student’s tailored plan. The studio is equipped with varied and advanced tools, and the space enables students to experience challenging activities, which bolster their self-confidence.

Development and structuring of unique knowledge and tools for working with adolescents with behavioral issues, and socially excluded youth at risk . The teams undergo ongoing training, are continuously provided with professional support and are aided in the development of the unique and original knowhow that is acquired at the school.

The establishment of a regional training center, planned for 2020, will allow professional staff from other institutions and families to elevate their level of professionalism in unique therapy and learning tools for adolescents with behavioral issues.

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