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Benjamin Rothman Gvanim

Kiryat Shmona

The school "Benjamin Rothman Gvanim" is a new and growing educational institution for children with special needs. The School, located in Kiryat Shmone, is designed for students aged 6-21 who are diagnosed on the autism spectrum with complex functionality. The students studying at the school require an environment tailored to their needs, which addresses these areas and ultimately aims to provide them with inner balance in order to facilitate learning and functioning. Currently, there are 46 students attending the school, which serves as a unique response to the peripheral areas in the Upper Galilee, including Arab and Druze communities. At the end of the process, in collaboration with the Alumot Or organization, which promotes excellence in special education, the new school aspires to be a safe and motivating space that nurtures independent graduates, capable of taking responsibility for themselves and leading a quality life to the best of their abilities.


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