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Global Activity

Global Activity

Alumot Or aims to be a global player in the field of special education through promoting and deepening collaborative efforts and relationships which bring our innovative models to governments, civil society organizations, and private organizations around the world. Specifically, we offer our consulting and training programs to current and future professionals on how to better the transition to adulthood for people with disabilities.


Transition to Adulthood

One of the most significant components in the development of any individual, particularly with disabilities, is in learning the skills which allow them to be an independent adult. The “transition to adulthood” for young people with disabilities refers to the period in which the student leaves the school environment and enters a new phase of independent work and living. It is an ongoing process with a high degree of uncertainty.  Young people need to formulate future goals and find their place within larger society. This stage requires a transition out of high reliance on family towards individuality and autonomy. The success of this phase depends on the support that young people receive, the opportunities available to them, and the choices they make.

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