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Benjamin Rothman Tzlil Yam School

Rothman Tzlil Yam School

Benjamin Rothman “Tzlil Yam” School is an elementary school for children on the autistic spectrum from the entire Kryot region. The school was established in 2011 in the city of Kiryat Yam and is very close to the sea. The school takes care of 86 children on the autistic spectrum from ages 6-12, with its staff on 100 people. The team consists of education for children with autism experts: teachers, para-medical instructors, and education supporters. The work with the pupils is done by various and updated education tools and methods. The team strives to create a personalized plan for each pupil and his or her needs. The school promotes different projects of “Shared life” as a goal to achieve the potential of each pupil fully and to prepare them for independent functioning later on.

The school’s primary goal is to give the children abilities of independent functioning and adaption in every field (communication and language, motor skills, social skills, independence in daily life), all as a part of preparing them for adult life. Our obligation is to raise the children in the sense of respect and equality, tolerance, strengthening their resilience, and maximizing the potential of every pupil.


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