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Benjamin Rothman Eshel Hanassi

Eshel Hanassi Youth Village
Merchavim Regional Council

Benjamin Rothman Eshel Hanassi in Merchavim is a new and growing school for adolescents with autism that promotes innovative pedagogy and shared community life. The school is located in the Eshel Hanassi Youth Village in the Negev.
A new and innovatively designed permanent building has been inaugurated in the youth village, reflecting the village’s and the Merhavim regional council’s view of shared living.
The school’s students learn, live and work alongside the students of the Eshel Hanassi boarding school and high school, and carry out a wide range of joint activities, including academic integration, social activities, occupational activities and trips. Benjamin Rothman Eshel Hanassi students are an integral part of the village’s community life and of the occupational and learning activities that take place in the village.
Alumot Or executes a variety of innovative projects in the new building to support a world view of shared living, and is confident that these projects will appeal to all types of students.


children play music

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