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We Are Alumot Or

Alumot Or was established in 2015 in order to respond to an urgent need in education for people with special needs. Alumot Or understands that teachers, educational teams, parents, communities and local councils each have a vision for their special education school.  However, time, bureaucracy, concern for the children and complicated daily issues impact their vision and the achievement of educational excellence. As a result, the ability to preserve and expand educational excellence both within and outside the school is often lacking.  It is this situation which Alumot Or is uniquely well-placed to address.


Alumot Or is supported by and collaborates with several partners, including its founder, the Rothman Charitable Foundation, the Ministry of Education, local authorities and additional organizations, such as the Social Security Fund, Kadoorie Foundation and more.


The Rothman Charitable Foundation was established in 1998 by the family of the late Benjamin Rothman, a Holocaust survivor who immigrated to Bolivia after World War II. Throughout the years, the Foundation has supported diverse projects in the fields of education and medicine.


Benjamin Rothman was a philanthropist who recognized the importance of giving back to the community, as well as the significance of education as a generator of change. Benjamin, together with his twin brother Leopoldo, survived the atrocities of Auschwitz, as well as the death march to Terezin.  After the war Benjamin, accompanied by Leopoldo, emigrated to Cochabamba, Bolivia, which became the new home of seven of the eight surviving Rothman siblings.


Benjamin Rothman passed away on September 2, 2011, at the age of 84, followed by Leopoldo on September 16, 2019.

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Alumot Or’s values

Alumot Or bases its activities on the core values of excellence, genuine partnership, initiative and optimism.


The organization seeks to continuously learn and improve and to achieve excellence in the projects it initiates and supports. It will work hand-in-hand with its partners and create dialogs among equals rooted in humility and shared interests.

  • Preserves and develops special education doctrine to improve the educational teams’ professionalism

  • Reinforces the educational strength of the education teams

  • Supports the vision and mission of the educational institute

What we do

In order to accelerate the school’s development, we operate in two parallel rays

The ray of the present

Steps and projects that create significant value within a short time for the students, the teachers and the teams in the schools

The ray of the future

Long-term, in-depth processes that accelerate the conversion of the schools into leading educational centers for excellence and innovation in special education, while developing innovative tools and collaborations

How we do it

Learning and gaining an in-depth understanding of the school’s needs, while mapping its aspirations and potential from the pedagogical and organizational perspectives
In a nutshell: Where we want to be

Planning the development process and achieving the objectives from structural and financial perspectives, creating acceleration engines and partnering with stakeholders
In a nutshell: How we’ll get there

Managing and executing the acceleration process in full partnership, and based on excellence and a proactive approach – until the goals are met
In a nutshell: Onwards!

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